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Alcohol-Drenched Sporting Culture Needs to Change

Alcohol companies advertise during sporting events, and sponsor sports and teams so as to link sporting success with alcohol and to reach our children, the next generation of potential drinkers. And they do it very successfully. We know that the earlier children are exposed to alcohol advertising the more likely they are to commence drinking [...]

Expert condemns ‘appalling’ DrinkWise campaign

Professor Mike Daube, the director of the Public Health Advocacy Institute and the McCusker Centre for Action on Alcohol and Youth, said the campaign used crass language to encourage alcohol consumption and was "pretty much the most irresponsible advertising I've ever seen". He called for the advertisements to be withdrawn immediately. The advertising campaign features [...]

Alcohol giants pour into social media’s digital drinking spaces

"Booze pages” on Facebook that have as many as 10m “likes” have been blamed for promoting excessive drinking through giveaways and posts that suggest things like drinking early in the morning. Alcohol companies have certainly spotted the potential of social media to market their wares to a younger audience. The growth of social media, especially [...]

Social media condemned for alcohol marketing

AUSTRALIA'S peak medical body has censured the social media giant Facebook for allowing alcohol companies to target children. The Australian Medical Association released its report yesterday into the alcohol industry's growing profile in social media circles. Within hours of the release of the report, Facebook representatives sought a meeting with the association to discuss their [...]

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Bratz doll website sells beer, dating ads

The Bratz Doll website has copped criticism from health experts, who are outraged over advertisements for alcohol, energy drinks, junk food and dating services on the site targeted at young girls. The website, which also offers Snow White and My Little Pony games, automatically plays 30 second ads prior to the games starting. Everything from [...]

Call for inquiry into booze marketing

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) held an alcohol summit in Canberra on Wednesday, examining the ways young Australians are wooed into drinking. The association fears the industry is grooming youngsters to drink by using social media sites such as Facebook, sponsoring sports teams and producing alcohol-flavoured foods. Jim Beam came up with bourbon-tasting chips to [...]

Two tales of teens and alcohol

This week the Australian Rugby League moved to ban schoolboy rugby league matches from taking place on grounds with alcohol branded advertising. Since the 80s the best schools around the country have played fixtures as curtain raisers to NRL games, giving the boys the opportunity to play on the famous grounds in front of a [...]

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