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Student Wellbeing Program A Review

Generation Next ‘s first Student and Youth Wellbeing Program of 2019 was a huge success. The beautiful creative confines of the Casula Powerhouse Performing Arts Centre provided a backdrop for a day of wellbeing education. It wasn’t just the excellent students from local schools that got to participate, but also more than ten thousand teens [...]

Women of Influence 2018: Young Leaders Determined to Change the World

There is something inspiring about young people and their belief in their power to change the world. Where older people talk about changing workplaces or, at a stretch, governments, their younger counterparts have their sights on a much bigger picture. "As a young female leader, I am motivated by service to my community and service [...]

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Gamergate: How Gaming Became a Feminist Issue

An online controversy over women and computer games has turned into an internet firestorm called Gamergate. Photo: Jason DeCrow The first rule of Gamergate is that nobody talks about Gamergate. Not unless you want a horde of vicious man-babies coming at you. The second rule of Gamergate is that if you're reading this [...]

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