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How Schools Can Encourage Help-Seeking in Young People

We need to have more conversations with young people about mental health. In the 2017 Mission Australia Youth Survey Report, mental health was rated by young people as the most important issue affecting Australia today [1]. While the majority of young people reported feeling optimistic about the future, they also saw mental health as one [...]

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How An Ancient Art Form Is Helping Students With Digital Citizenship

The origin of the ancient art form theatre first appears in the 3rd century BC and was used in festivals that honoured the Greek god Dionysus. Digital citizenship, on the other hand, was only established during the 1990's technology boom, as a way to help structure what was considered appropriate and inappropriate use of technology. [...]

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Domestic Violence Education: Connecting With Students Through Theatre

iStock photos Domestic violence statistics in Australia are horrifying. In the past year one in six women has experienced violence from a current or former partner, 63 women have been killed by family violence and childhood exposure to partner violence increases the likelihood of intergenerational violence [1]. The effect that domestic violence exposure [...]

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How Can Theatre Help School Students Deal with Bullying and Violence? 

What is the number one social issue for students across Australia? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics landmark CensusAtSchool survey, reducing bullying in schools [1]. So how can theatre help students deal with the far-reaching and negative effects of bullying and violence? Storytelling, drama, humour, role playing and music have been used since the beginning of time to [...]

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