How Schools Can Encourage Help-Seeking in Young People

We need to have more conversations with young people about mental health. In the 2017 Mission Australia Youth Survey Report, mental health was rated by young people as the most important issue affecting Australia today [1]. While the majority of young people reported feeling optimistic about the future, they also saw mental health as one [...]

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Tackling Negative Self-talk In Youth

Flikr Images The power of self-talk Every day we interpret what is happening around us, to us and within us. Our inner voice plays a huge part in how we understand our experiences and this inner voice is often described as ‘self-talk’. Our self-talk is often guided by our assumptions and beliefs and [...]

Helping Young People Discover and Build Resilience

Families - 2014 IStockphoto Often when young people are experiencing difficult times in their lives they cannot believe that good times will come again. They often forget that they have even had some good times in the past. Adults working with young people need to share some of their own life stories to illustrate that [...]

How Successful People Stay Calm

1. They appreciate what they have 2. They avoid asking "what if" 3. They stay positive 4. They disconnect 5. They limit their caffeine intake 6. They sleep 7. They squash negative self-talk 8. They reframe their perspective 9. They breathe 10. They use their support system. - Patrick Begley via How to stay calm and be [...]

Body Image And Negative Self-Talk The Mannequin Project aims to raise awareness about body image and to generally start a new, more positive conversation. Not just reporting on the stats, actually getting to the root of why we (men, women, boys, girls, transgenders etc) are generally dissatisfied with our appearance. We created this video to show how ‘negative self [...]

Challenging Negative Self-Talk

Most people don’t realize it, but as we go about our daily lives we are constantly thinking about and interpreting the situations we find ourselves in. It’s as though we have an internal voice inside our head that determines how we perceive every situation. Psychologists call this inner voice ‘self-talk‘, and it includes our conscious [...]