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Body Image And Negative Self-Talk The Mannequin Project aims to raise awareness about body image and to generally start a new, more positive conversation. Not just reporting on the stats, actually getting to the root of why we (men, women, boys, girls, transgenders etc) are generally dissatisfied with our appearance. We created this video to show how ‘negative self [...]

Change Your Walk to Change Your Mood

In a new study, people who were prompted to walk in a more depressed style, with less arm movement and their shoulders rolled forward, experienced worse moods than those who were encouraged to walk in a happier style. “It is not surprising that our mood, the way we feel, affects how we walk, but we [...]

Autistic girls may be going undetected

LARGE numbers of girls with high-functioning autism may be going undiagnosed because they have taught themselves superficial social skills, such as making eye-contact and smiling at the right time. Deakin University research psychologist, Alexandra Head, yesterday said data indicating four times as many boys as girls had high-functioning autism - such as Asperger syndrome - [...]

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