The Science of Empathy—and Why Some People Have It Less Than Others

Big hug. (Reuters/Miguel Vidal) Empathy is hot in business wisdom these days: Forbes says it’s invaluable, Apple’s training manual offers empathy exercises, and Virgin Group founder Richard Branson calls caring “key.” “Corporate empathy is not an oxymoron,” concluded an article in the Harvard Business Review on January 8. “It is a hard skill that should be required from [...]

Going Through the Emotions: How Emotional Intelligence Skills Can Boost Business Results

Getty Images The general agreement among human capital experts is that technical skills account for roughly 10 percent of a manager’s success. Hitting quarterly projections and delivering exceptional products or services is significantly affected by factors such as relationship management, resilience and social awareness — in short, emotional intelligence. Of course, this seems [...]

Losses Disguised as Wins, the Science Behind Casino Profits

wikimedia Gambling is good business, or at least a profitable one. According to the American Gaming Association, in 2012 the 464 commercial casinos in the US served 76.1 million patrons and grossed $US37.34 billion. Each year gaming revenues in the US yield more profits than the theatrical movie industry ($US10.9 billion) and the recorded music industry ($US7 billion) [...]

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