Attention, Teenagers: Nobody Really Looks Like That

Flikr Images The universal truth of puberty and adolescence is body change, and relatively rapid body change. Teenagers have to cope with all kinds of comparisons, with their peers, with the childhood bodies they leave behind, and with the altered images used in advertising and in the self-advertising on social media. It may [...]

Australian advertising industry snubs Positive Body Image Awards

While 80 per cent of Australian women are larger than a size 10, and recent studies have suggested consumers respond positively when more realistic models are used, the advertising industry has maintained a defiant stance. via Ad firms give larger models a bum steer.

Girl Mag Watch

A call for consistency in messaging to girls: Girlfriend February 2013  Many girls and young women look to girl’s magazines for advice on life, relationships, bodies, health and sexuality. But too often they receive conflicting advice and mixed messages and even, sometimes, outright contradiction. Take for example, information provided in the sealed section of Girlfriend [...]

Study: How peer and media affect body satisfaction in young girls

40.2% of 5 to 8 year old girls desired to be thinner A study The Contribution of Peer and Media Influences to the Development of Body Satisfaction and Self-Esteem in Young Girls: A Prospective Study explores how young girls feel about their bodies when viewed through the influences of the media and their friends. It [...]