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Males With Body Image Issues And Eating Disorders Are Up To Four Times More Likely To Go Undiagnosed Than Females

I’m going to suggest something controversial - body image can be just as much an issue for men as it is for women, it’s just that we rarely hear about it from men themselves. We know that talking and being emotionally vulnerable can be hard for men. Add to the equation an ultra-sensitive sore point [...]

Attention, Teenagers: Nobody Really Looks Like That

Flikr Images The universal truth of puberty and adolescence is body change, and relatively rapid body change. Teenagers have to cope with all kinds of comparisons, with their peers, with the childhood bodies they leave behind, and with the altered images used in advertising and in the self-advertising on social media. It may [...]

Bigorexia- School boys suffer from the Adonis complex

Schoolboys wanting a hit of the latest bulk-building product or pill need not travel far. At The Scots College, in Sydney's east, protein powders are supplied by teachers to adolescent athletes in the school gym. A sponsor of the school's rugby sevens tournament is Ultimate Sports Nutrition, whose products include ''hardcore'' anabolics, meal replacements and [...]