All this year I’ve focused on student wellbeing.

But for the next 5-6 weeks it’s all about you. Make sure you take the time to recharge your battery over the summer by doing these 5 things.


  1. Connect with your family and friends. Take time to nurture your relationships, as often those closest to you are the ones we forget when we’re caught up in the day-to-day demands of our job.


  1. Take notice of the things and people you have and appreciate in your life. Too often we focus on the negatives. Take some time to really savour what’s going well for you and those closest to you.


  1. Help someone in need. Doing things for others not only helps them in a practical sense, but does wonders for your sense of wellbeing. So at this time of year in particular, find some way to spread a little happiness.


  1. Engage with something completely different. Read a book, take up a new hobby. Whilst you might want to give your brain a rest, by focusing on something other than your day-to-day work you can really invigorate your thinking. A change is as good as a break – as they say!


  1. Keep active. Especially if you over-indulge! Sometimes our jobs demand so much of our time that we can’t get out and move. So take the time to stroll along a beach, or through the bush. It’s great for your body and mind!

In order to look after Generation Next we must ensure we look after ourselves.

Enjoy the summer.


Author: Dan Haesler, he is a teacher, writer and speaker at the Mental Health & Wellbeing of Young People seminars He writes for the Sydney Morning Herald and blogs at and tweets at @danhaesler