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Do People Transmit Happiness by Smell?

As emotions go, happiness usually hides in plain sight: seen in a broad smile, heard in a raucous laugh, felt in a big hug.But new research suggests there may be a less obvious way to pick up on another person's positive vibes: smell. - Alan Mozes Source: Do people transmit happiness by smell? - - [...]

The Search for Human Pheromones

Pheromones are chemical signals that help animals to communicate. Members of the same species respond to each other's pheromone releases by changing a behaviour or undergoing a physiological change. For example male house mice pheromones trigger aggression in other males and speed up puberty in young female mice. Though pheromones have been discovered across the [...]

Decreased ability to identify odors may predict five-year mortality

For older adults, being unable to identify scents is a strong predictor of death within five years, according to a study published October 1, 2014, in the journal PLOS ONE. Thirty-nine percent of study subjects who failed a simple smelling test died during that period, compared to 19 percent of those with moderate smell loss [...]

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