A group of researchers say depression would be better treated if it was classified into 12 different disorders.

There are calls for a major overhaul of the way depression is diagnosed and treated to better recognise its triggers.

A group of international psychologists have challenged the classification of ‘major depression’ and argue it would be better managed if it was broken down into 12 separate disorders.

“We argue that depression is not a single disease, it is a heterogeneous syndrome, with patients differing remarkably in symptom profile, pathophysiology and treatment responsiveness,” says Severi Luoto, a PhD candidate in evolutionary psychology at the University of Auckland

The 12 suggested subtypes, published in journal Brain, Behaviour, and Immunity, are based on the various underlying causes or triggers for the depression, such as illness, loneliness, a traumatic experience or long-term stress.

“If a depressive episode appears to be a response to a adverse life event, clinicians should evaluate whether the symptoms are adaptive or whether the depression episode has exacerbated into pathological depression,” said co-author Professor Rantala, a member of the Turku Brain and Mind Center in Finland.

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