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Should I let my kid climb trees? We asked five experts

We often remember childhood as a time when life seemed infinite and adventures in our backyard felt expansive, as if we were exploring other worlds. Climbing a tree was its own adventure. You could discover what you were capable of, while also getting the chance to see the world from a different vantage point. Of [...]

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Sex, Drugs and Self-Control

Cole Skinner was hanging from a wall above an abandoned quarry when he heard a car pull up. He and his friends bolted, racing along a narrow path on the quarry’s edge and hopping over a barbed-wire fence to exit the grounds. The chase is part of the fun for Skinner and his friend Alex [...]

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The Brain’s Gardeners: Immune Cells

iStockphoto A new study out today in the journal Nature Communications shows that cells normally associated with protecting the brain from infection and injury also play an important role in rewiring the connections between nerve cells. While this discovery sheds new light on the mechanics of neuroplasticity, it could also help explain diseases like autism [...]

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Parents May Be Putting Their Children On A Path To Drinking

• Parents are the largest supplier of alcohol to under 18s • Teens three times more likely to drink full serves if parents supply Teenagers whose parents supply alcohol in early adolescence are three times as likely to be drinking full serves of alcohol at age 16 as children in families that do not supply [...]

What Is Self-Harm And Why Do People Do It?

Deliberately inflicting pain or injury by cutting oneself or some other form of self-mutilation seems incomprehensible to many people. But it’s a common, typically secretive, experience for about 8% of adolescents and young adults. People who intentionally harm themselves aren’t always easy to identify or categorise and recent research indicates they are equally likely to [...]

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