Yeast Infections Have Been Linked To Mental Illness

Shutter Stock Yeast infections are a relatively common occurrence these days, and are easily treatable. But new research has just revealed a tentative link between the Candida fungus and schizophrenia in men, and memory impairment in mentally ill women, which suggestes that this kind of infection might have a longer-lasting impact on the body than [...]

The Brain’s Gardeners: Immune Cells

iStockphoto A new study out today in the journal Nature Communications shows that cells normally associated with protecting the brain from infection and injury also play an important role in rewiring the connections between nerve cells. While this discovery sheds new light on the mechanics of neuroplasticity, it could also help explain diseases like autism [...]

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Ancient Viral Invaders In Our DNA Help Fight Today’s Infections

ktsimage/iStockphoto About eight percent of our DNA is viral in origin: remnants of ancient battles between infectious viruses and our ancestors. These so-called endogenous viruses are often perceived as a mere oddity with no clear biological significance. But a new study by scientists at the University of Utah School of Medicine shows that [...]

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