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Be happy.

Do you get confused by that.

I mean, happiness. You’re told to be happy no matter what.

Everywhere you find advice on happiness. Books promising to deliver true happiness. Blog posts telling you do this and you’ll be happy. Friends and family telling you to add happiness on your to-do-list.

You strive to stay happy. But the more you pursue happiness, the harder it gets to achieve.

The truth is happiness shouldn’t be your focus. Striving to be happy causes you to be miserable.

The mistakes caused by chasing happiness

1. You are addicted to quick fixes

And the chase of happiness leads to pleasure.

Which causes you to rely on it in unhealthy way.

The problem with quick fix pleasure leaves you craving for more as soon as you’ve achieved it-its like drugs where a person becomes addicted and all they want is their next fix.

Or junk food where the craving surpasses the side effects of eating that food. The more they eat,the more they want more…And eventually it leads to health issues.

To achieve long lasting happiness invest in meaningful experiences. Like learning a new skill. Mastering that skill is a journey that brings satisfaction, and it propels you forward, it also gives you a reason for living and when it comes to fruition, you’ll have that ridiculous smile thats contagious.

2. You want it now

You become self-centered instead of achieving happiness through meaningful experiences and services to others.

When you focus on must have it now. You become a “me’ person which causes you to prioritize happiness over friends, family and those who need you.

You know making a difference in other peoples lives brings lasting happiness.

By reaching down and lifting others up gives you meaning, purpose and fulfillment which surpasses everything else.


– Ann Davis

Source: 6 Silly Mistakes You Make In The Pursuit Of Happiness