The Silly Season With Kids – How To Reduce Stress During The Holidays

Pixabay Images As much as we love the holidays with our kiddos, there are way too many ‘opportunities’ to practice every trick/ bribe/ desperate parenting maneuver clever parenting strategy we know, in order to smooth the edges and make everything, you know, magical. This can bring more than a reasonable amount of stress during the [...]

The Ritual Every Parent Should Do With Their Kids Before The Age Of 7

Pixabay Images   GIVE me the child until the age of seven, and I will give you the man — Jesuit proverb As a new parent, it’s scary to realise that 90 per cent of the brain’s growth happens in the first five years of your child’s life. “Over these crucial years, millions [...]

The Neuroscience Of ‘Cool’

Pixabay Images Cool is a target that’s constantly shifting. It’s an attitude, a term of approval, and today, as much as any of these things, it’s a game of superficially rebellious status-chasing, centered on consumerism. Cool turns out to be a strange kind of economic value that our brains see in products that [...]

11 Ways You’re Sabotaging Your Own Happiness & How To Fix The Problem

Pixabay Images When it comes to happiness, it's easy to think that one day eternal bliss will just fall into our laps. However, a lot of our contentment comes from our attitudes and the habits we indulge in, so we have to be wary to avoid the many ways we could be thwarting [...]

6 Silly Mistakes You Make In The Pursuit Of Happiness

Photo: Digital Vision Be happy. Do you get confused by that. I mean, happiness. You’re told to be happy no matter what. Everywhere you find advice on happiness. Books promising to deliver true happiness. Blog posts telling you do this and you’ll be happy. Friends and family telling you to add happiness on [...]

Secrets To Our Children’s Academic Success

Photo credit: Steven Yeh Did you know that if you want your children to succeed at school, simply telling them about your high expectations can have a positive impact on their academic achievement? Students who achieve highly generally come from homes where parents expect that their children will “get off their butts, work hard, and do well at school.” [...]

The Myth Of Happiness That Will Prevent You From Being Truly Happy

istockphoto If you've ever been to New York City, you've witnessed the manifestation of the happiness myth at its best. People in the city are literally running from one thing to the next thing to the next. Always striving to be somewhere other than where they are. So what exactly is the happiness myth? The [...]

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