Lego isn’t just a plastic brick loved the world over. It’s also a tool which can be used therapeutically as children, teachers and experts are discovering in Gloucestershire.

Education experts in Gloucestershire are using construction toys such as Lego to help children express their emotions and improve their mental health.

With data showing that children across the UK are increasingly suffering poor mental health, Gloucestershire County Council is funding innovative ways to train staff and help children with mental health and emotional problems.

Gloucestershire education psychologists Tracey Coxon and Jill Mitchell have created a training package using Lego and other toys in county schools.

They run courses, using Lego, construction blocks, puppets and other ‘small world’ toys and have trained hundreds of Gloucestershire teaching assistants and education staff.

An innovative Lego kit called ‘Build to Express’ has been specifically designed to help children explore their feelings.

“The set doesn’t include any instructions, but has lots of standard bricks as well as Lego bricks which you don’t get in other kits, such as a net, chain, wine glass and a few other things,” said Tracey.

“It can be a brilliant way for children to use metaphor to explain about what’s going on for them.

– Victoria Temple

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