Parents of teens who haven’t gone to school for as long as two years because of their gaming addictions have been slammed for their efforts to stop the problem behaviour.

Logan Ford, profiled last night on 60 Minutes, is one of several teens in Australia confined to their bedrooms because of gaming addiction.

The 14-year-old said, if he had his way, he would play video game Fortnite for 14 hours a day.

Logan has already refused to go to school for two years and only leaves his room for food or the bathroom.

He is obsessed with Fortnite, which has more than 125 million players worldwide and an estimated 40 million people playing monthly.

His mum Britta Hodge said she had been headbutted, bitten, concussed and forced to call the police when Logan turned violent if she attempted to take his Sony PS4 gaming console.

But Australians struggled to sympathise with the distressed mother and another couple after they were featured on 60 Minute s last night.

“Cut the power cord! Drag the lil sod to school and make him go! How weak and pathetic are the parents! Who’s in charge here cause they certainly aren’t!” one person wrote on social media.

Social media was flooded with angry parents who said the games were not the problem.

“You are the one who brought them the console, you are the one who introduced them to video games in your home, you are the one who buys them the games and allows them to play them,” said another woman.

“You are the problem. Stop trying to blame video games for your lack of parenting.”

Another concerned mum said the console would go straight under the lawnmower as her child watched it crunch.

“I have an 11-year-old who plays Fortnite,” she said. “He’s not permitted to play it on weeknights and has restricted two hours per weekend. That two hours is based on performance at school and how much respect my husband and I have garnered during the week.

– Stephanie Bedo

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Image by Marvin Meyer from Unsplash