Essential Kids recently picked up on a website in America. Photoretouchinglab seems to have taken the art of airbrushing to an all new level. They are digitally enhancing family photos to the point where little of the original photo is left.

All toddlers are gorgeous, it is their natural beauty, and the way they do funny stuff that melts the heart of everyone. Why then does there seem to be a growing need to ‘enhance’ their natural qualities and charm by touching up photos. This seems to be an extension of the multimillion dollar child pageant industry that is thriving in America and is now  unfortunately starting to take hold in Australia. They are cashing in on an industry that sees little girls dressed up as alluring women and striking poses way beyond their years.

It is hard to tell if the ‘transformed’ girls in the pictures are actually real or not. Many look like mannequins or wax work dolls after they have been given the full re-touch treatment of a fake tan, makeup, eye colour enhancement and gleaming white teeth.

Freckles are also out and flawless complexions are in. In fact any natural feature the girls seem to have gets digitally removed and replaced with a sterile flat glossy image.

You can no longer see their inner beauty shining through, their mischievous grin beaming out at you, instead it is a mass produced look with a faint sheen of superficiality over it. They look like products that have just come off the same assembly line.

Take a look, Photoretouchinglab, is this the kind of image parents want to remember their children’s childhood by?

Writer Helen Splarn. Editor Dr Ramesh Manocha.
Source: Essential Kids. Photoretouchinglab