We might live in the sunny country, but our deficiency in the so-called ‘sunshine hormone’, vitamin D, is worse than previously thought.

Australia’s largest vitamin D study to date, conducted on 24,000 people over two years, has found up to 58 per cent of Australians are deficient in the vitamin, not 23 to 31 per cent, as other reports suggested.

And, counter-intuitively, spring is the season in which we are in shortest supply of the vitamin.

“People run out [of their vitamin D stores] as the year progresses and reach a low point in spring,” says study author, Professor Steven Boyages from the University of Sydney. “Even by December, the first month of summer, levels were still 46 per cent below their peak. Although levels of ultraviolet-B radiation, the body’s principal source of vitamin D, would be rising by then, this reflects the time it takes to replenish the body’s stores.”

via The Great Aussie Paradox | Vitamin D Deficiency Rates Soar.