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No Link Between Sunshine And Mental Health In Young Women?

If you’ve ever felt depressed, someone’s probably told you to get outdoors and soak up some tasty vitamin D. Because how could you possibly feel sad while sunbaking on the beach? According to research from the Royal Women’s Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital and University of Melbourne, that advice is essentially useless for young Australian women with [...]

The Great Aussie Paradox | Vitamin D Deficiency Rates Soar

We might live in the sunny country, but our deficiency in the so-called 'sunshine hormone', vitamin D, is worse than previously thought. Australia's largest vitamin D study to date, conducted on 24,000 people over two years, has found up to 58 per cent of Australians are deficient in the vitamin, not 23 to 31 per [...]

70% of US children have insufficient vitamin D

A US study has found 70% of children have low levels of vitamin D, putting them at risk of developing weak bones, rickets and heart disease. The study examined survey data from over 6,000 children ranging from 1-21 years of age, and also found that 9% of the children surveyed suffered from a serious vitamin [...]

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