If I could do it again, I’d wait to start on the grand-scale ideology until the girls were 10 or so, when they could more easily grasp the concepts as outside of themselves, and differentiate their present lives from their future lives.

But for now, I’ve taught the wrong message: that life should be fair and there is no other acceptable option. I did it before the girls had the capacity to understand the meaning of fair. Fair became “what I want right now because I want it”.

I should have stuck to the well-worn, well-tested “life isn’t fair, and I call the shots” route when my girls were babies and toddlers.

Because what isn’t fair is asking children to think and behave like adults before they have the mental ability to do so.

Liberalism ruined my parenting but I’m slowly getting it back.


– Darlena Cunha

via How being a bleeding heart liberal ruined my parenting.


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