Stop the vicious cycle of burnout.

Research on burnout in adults and children shows that there is a correlation between the level of stress that parents feel at work and the level of stress that their kids feel at school. Of particular importance is the fact that the highest correlation can be found between mothers and their teen daughters. Stress and anxiety over money seems to be predictive of the highest levels of burnout. It seems that feeling burned out can actually run in the family.

Our high, uncontrolled stress levels that result in us feeling burned out are detrimental to our kids because we act as their role models. They are constantly watching what we say, what we do and how we cope with stress. One of the concerning qualities about today’s generation of kids is that they are now the most stressed-out generation — which means they’re likely to become burned out adults.

One of the factors that contribute to that staggering statement is that they have poor coping skills. I am thinking that we, too, have poor coping skills in dealing with the tremendous stress that we now live with on a daily basis.

In kids, there are certain behaviors that may be signs that they are burned out:

  • Loss of energy and interest for things they used to care about
  • Anxiety rears its head socially and in school
  • They say, “‘I don’t care” a lot
  • Reduced personal accomplishment
  • More easily distracted than usual

– Dr Sheryl Ziegler

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