It’s never been easier to seek out instant gratification and to stave off boredom almost indefinitely. So it’s not surprising that many young people are struggling with the repetitive, often boring practice and study required to master skills and cement new knowledge.

Anyone can be taught the value and the how-to of deliberate practice, however. According to this article, studies show that children as young as five grasped the concept and engaged in deliberate practice of simple games spontaneously. Along the way though, it can be easy for young people to become so frustrated with complex tasks that they give up, or to fall into the belief that they can’t improve their ability without raw talent. This is where parents and educators can provide support.

When helped with the process of deliberate practice, young people can not only improve their performance, but also learn the value of determination and delayed gratification, attitudes that will have a major impact in their future lives.

– Maryam Abdullah

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Image source: Pixabay