Having your child end up in prison must be close to the ultimate fear for any parent.

So it’s natural that when the author of this article started running anger management groups with violent offenders in prison, she wanted to know how to help her sons avoid the same fate.

Some of the things she learned were unsurprising. Most of these men had grown up in chaotic, dysfunctional settings. Abuse, neglect, drug use and crime were common threads in their stories. Naturally, this led to them being seriously angry.

The more universal lesson she took from the experience is that no-one had ever taught these men about anger. As a result, they had made it into adulthood with no knowledge of healthy ways to express and deal with their emotions. This, more than anything, lay at the heart of the offenses that had landed them in prison.

Now when her sons express a negative emotion, she makes sure not to suppress it but to help them find healthy outlets for what they’re feeling. Sage advice for any parent, or professional working with young people.

– Karina Lane

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Image source: Pixabay