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December 2018

How to Talk to Your Child About Their School Report

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It’s that time of year again when you receive your child’s school report. For some parents and carers, understanding what it means can be challenging. Some children will be happy and others may be disappointed. Parents and carers need to interpret the information in the report so you can determine the strengths of your child, [...]

Fortnite Addiction is Forcing Kids into Video Game Rehab

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Debbie Vitany is fighting a losing battle against Fortnite. Her 17-year-old son, Carson, has been logging 12 hours a day on the video game, searching for weapons and resources in a post-apocalyptic world where the goal is being the last person standing. Teachers complain he falls asleep in class and his grades have plummeted. "We'd [...]

How to Help Kids Deal with Social Anxiety During the Holiday Season

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For many children, the holidays are the best time of the year. There are countless holiday parties, big extended family dinners, special religious ceremonies, parades, cookie exchanges, and so much more to look forward to. For other children, this flurry of activities sets off the alarm bells. Big crowds and unfamiliar faces can be incredibly [...]

Regional Kids Get Support Through New Trauma Program

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Children under 15 in out-of-home care in regional and remote NSW will receive specialised support through a new outreach program to manage their trauma. The new program, OurSPACE will focus on improving family relationships and strengthening the foster and kinship placements of young people in care, regardless of where they live in NSW and without [...]

How to Ensure Your Child Grows up a ‘Healthy Gamer’

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Children have endless access to video games via their devices and consoles, and for many it has become a key activity in their daily routine. According to the Digital Australia Report 2018, an astounding 97 per cent of homes with children have access to computer games and 60 per cent of households have five or [...]

Survey Reveals ‘Alarming’ Attitudes of Britons on Rape

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An "alarming" proportion of adults in Great Britain remain confused about what constitutes rape, campaigners say. A third of people surveyed for the End Violence Against Women coalition said there had to be physical violence for sexual activity to count as rape. A third of males and 21% of females said it would not usually [...]

Getting Students Outdoors for Christmas

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It’s that time of year again. No, I don’t mean report writing time – I mean Christmas, although you may have missed that in amongst all the assessments and general busyness that the end of the year entails. Naturally though, the kids are excited and can’t wait to celebrate, and there’s some great ways you [...]

Logged Off: Meet the Teens Who Refuse to Use Social Media

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For 17-year-old Mary Amanuel, from London, it happened in Tesco. “We were in year 7,” she remembers, “and my friend had made an Instagram account. As we were buying stuff, she was counting the amounts of likes she’d got on a post. ‘Oooh, 40 likes. 42 likes.’ I just thought: ‘This is ridiculous.’” Isabelle, an 18-year-old student [...]

Should You Let Your Kids Skip School to Be Part of a Political Protest?

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On Monday, Prime Minister Scott Morrison made it clear how he felt about Australian students taking time off school to protest. "We don't support the idea of kids not going to school to participate in things that can be dealt with outside of school," he said. "We don't support our schools being turned into parliaments. [...]

First Report of Its Kind Reveals Childhood Eating Disorders more Common than Thought

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Mental health disorders may onset early in life, meaning that parents and healthcare professionals need to be able to recognize the signs and intervene appropriately. And as any epidemiologist will tell you, one of the first steps of understanding an illness or condition – and how to best treat it – is to determine how [...]