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How to Spot Generalized Anxiety Disorder in Kids & Teens

Generalized anxiety disorder (GAD) and two other anxiety disorders - separation anxiety and social anxiety - are among the most commonly experienced psychiatric problems in youngsters. Similar to adult estimates, girls are about twice as likely as boys to have GAD. GAD symptoms are distressing and can be impairing not just for the child or teen; the family [...]

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8 Things a Psychotherapist Wants You to Understand About Anxiety

Debunking the myths and sharing the important truths about this incredibly common mental health issue. Firstly, here's what anxiety is not: it's not worrying that your train has been cancelled or that your card won't be accepted in a restaurant. It's not being scared before a medical test. Anxiety is an inappropriate response to a real or perceived [...]

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When Anxiety or Depression Masks a Medical Problem

It’s perfectly normal for someone to feel anxious or depressed after receiving a diagnosis of a serious illness. But what if the reverse occurs and symptoms of anxiety or depression masquerade as an as-yet undiagnosed physical disorder? Or what if someone’s physical symptoms stem from a psychological problem? How long might it take before the [...]

9 Surprising Symptoms Associated with Depression

Most of us would recognize classic depression, with its heavy veil of sadness and hopelessness. But what if you just started getting stomachaches or were suddenly very snappy? Could you be depressed without knowing it? "Depression doesn’t always look like debilitating sadness," says Richard Kravitz, MD, MSPH, a professor of internal medicine at University of [...]