In the aftermath of the latest senseless street violence, we instinctively seek someone or something to blame.

Yet pointing the finger at the aggressor in each case won’t bring any change.

 To prevent the ”coward punch”, we need a culture of moral identification and education. Rising violence in various media platforms has helped create a faction of thoughtless aggressors.

Similarly, to single out ”binge drinking” fails to recognise the underlying factors that result in a punch being thrown at an innocent bystander.

The legal age for alcohol consumption is 18, but age is no measure of moral integrity. The 21st century is a time of skewed moral development. The failure to recognise the implications of punching someone in the face with significant force cannot purely be blamed on alcohol – if so, then why doesn’t every intoxicated person do it? Put simply, some of us are more morally adept than others.

We must develop a culture where we know moral boundaries so that there is no more need for the distressing excuse ”wrong place, wrong time”.


via King-hit assaults show moral sense skewed by intoxicatingly violent culture.