An emotional Tara Brown explains her perspective on 60 Minutes after being released from a Beirut jail following the botched child recovery story. Photo: Channel Nine

Tara Brown is wrong.

On Sunday night’s episode of 60 Minutes, she defended her involvement in the failed “recovery” of Sally Faulkner’s two children from Lebanon.

Instead of a mea culpa, she offered a defence. Worse, she implied the Lebanese authorities treated the 60 Minutes team unfairly.

“I thought, ‘We’re journalists, we’re doing our job – and they will see reason, they will understand that’,” Brown told colleague Michael Usher.

“We are here just to do a story on a very desperate mother, and I thought that reason would prevail – and it didn’t.”

Instead of complaining, Brown should count herself lucky.

She, her three colleagues and Faulkner are back home. The two child recovery agents are still in detention.

It might have been so much worse.

The TV crew could have been convicted of kidnapping, then left to rot in a Beirut prison.

Faulkner’s estranged mother-in-law could have been more seriously hurt while being manhandled during the raid.


Source: 60 Minutes: Tara Brown’s comments were wrong and she should count herself lucky