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June 2018

Social Media, Increased Depression, and What Parents Can Do

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The risks associated with social media are regularly reported in the media, and you may have experienced some of them already yourself or with your kids. A new study (Primack et al., 2018) adds important research to the discussion, finding that negative experiences on social media are significantly correlated with increased depressive feelings (a greater [...]

September 2017

Teen Moods: They Are Not About You

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My 13-year-old daughter literally cringes when I touch her. Any attempt at showing affection to my once cuddly and affectionate daughter is now met with resistance. You know, the I’m-a-teen-and-I’m-way-too-old-for-this attitude that consumes our children sometime between the ages of 11 and 16. When I fall victim to this melancholy temperament, I’m quickly driven into [...]

How a Simple Walk Makes for a Stronger Bond Between Parent and Child

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My 9-year-old son Ibrahim loves being home from school for the summer. For about five minutes. After that, the complaints and requests start. I know he’s not purposely trying to be a pest. He’s just giving me a kid-signal: spend time with me! “Can you make me a snack? What’s for lunch? Why can’t my [...]

Leukaemia Breakthrough Uses Children’s Own Blood Cells to Attack Cancer

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A breakthrough treatment that genetically engineers patients' own blood cells into an army of assassins to destroy childhood leukemia has been approved by US officials, opening a new era in cancer care. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) called the approval historic, the first gene therapy to hit the US market. Made from scratch for [...]

How Can a Teacher Help a Shy Child?

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Although it's great to have a range of personality types and temperaments in a classroom, teachers and parents naturally worry if a child is always quiet. Here are some ways to help a shy child shine in the classroom. And many of these tips will work in other situations, as well. 1. Figure out what your shy students are interested in. You [...]

Disney Branded Non-Alcoholic Drinks Marketed to Children

By |2017-09-25T10:09:10+00:00September 25th, 2017|Categories: Eating Disorders, Obesity, Uncategorized|Tags: , , |

A CONTROVERSIAL Disney branded product designed to look like champagne is still being marketed to children despite a company pledge to ban it. A RANGE of Disney branded non-alcoholic drinks that resemble champagne are being marketed in the UK and Europe despite the company pledging to ban such products from sale more than one year [...]

How to Turn Mundane Chores Into Mindful Moments for Our Kids

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We could all use a little bit of help around the house, right? It seems that children these days are too busy with homework, after school activities, and electronics to do any chores. In fact, unlike prior generations, most American parents today do not believe that their children should have to be responsible for household chores. [...]

6 Guiding Principles for A Successful Co-Parenting Partnership

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Divorce was never supposed to happen to us or to our kids. It takes us off the path we envisioned for our families. Once we get through the initial shock and awe that follows the divorce, divorcees struggle to define the new family relationships, including the ones with our ex-spouses. We are also left to [...]

Ignoring Your Kids May be the Life Hack your Family Needs

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When it comes to raising our kids, less may be more. Way more. In fact, learning to selectively ignore our kids not only relieves parents from the joyless cycle of nagging, but helps our kids to learn. That’s the premise behind a new book:Ignore It! How Selectively Looking the Other Way Can Decrease Behavioral Problems and [...]

Your Mental Health Involves your Whole Body and Starts with Diet

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While many individuals intuitively understand the link between how we fuel and move our bodies and how we feel, the medical community is in the midst of a paradigm shift. "This mind/body dichotomy that has informed psychiatry for at least the last 50 years or so, we know that is erroneous and is not based on [...]