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April 2019

Why boys wrestle, play fight and fidget

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Dr Michael Nagel breaks down the biochemical reasons why young boys in particular are almost constantly moving and exhibit frequent playful aggression. He relates how both testosterone and serotonin impact on the brain chemistry of boys in more pronounced ways than for girls, making them much more prone to restlessness, fidgeting and inattentiveness regardless of [...]

How working parents can manage school holidays

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This article by Liz Marchant covers some practical considerations of planning for school holidays, but goes more in-depth on negotiating with employers around flexible working arrangements and other options which allow parents to be present for more or all of their children's time off. Excellent practical advice on an issue that's increasingly become the norm [...]

Green space and the power of nature play for shaping the developing brain

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Every parent wants their child to grow into a strong, successful human being, but how is this best achieved? The kind of play experiences that help cultivate the development of successful traits are found via a genuinely challenging environment, where kids can test their abilities in self-assessment, problem-solving, risk-taking, and adaptation in response to difficulties [...]

Integrated Cultures ACT Mahatma Gandhi Essay Competition

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Integrated Cultures ACT is proud to announce an “Essay writing competition” to mark the 150th birth anniversary of the eminent political and spiritual leader of India’s independence movement, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, popularly known as “Gandhi”. He pioneered and practiced the principle of Satyagraha—resistance to tyranny through mass nonviolent civil disobedience. He has inspired the civil [...]

Parents to lose valuable tools for choosing healthy viewing and playing

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Australia's National Classification Scheme (NCS) provides classifications (like G, PG , M) as consumer information about the content in apps and games. It’s intended to help parents choose media for their children, and protect them from harm. But do parents think it does a good job? The Australian Council on Children and the Media (ACCM) [...]

The Ultimate Guide to School Holiday Activities

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It can be a challenge to keep kids occupied over school holidays, especially if you have a limited budget and want to keep screen time to a minimum. This handy list of activities is good for hours of screen-free fun, and most are at low-to-no cost. It's a good mix of indoor and outdoor activities, [...]

Home alone: how to keep your kids safe (and out of trouble) when you’re at work these holidays

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Many working parents battle with school holidays, especially the long period between Christmas and the start of the new school year. Most people receive four weeks’ leave a year, but school holidays take up about 12 weeks of the year. The maths clearly doesn’t add up. Even if both parents take their leave at different [...]

I couch-surfed across Australia to talk to 4,000 young people about what matters to them

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This article outlines the key issues that concern Australian young people, as well as how this effects the wider community. It goes on to showcase opinions from young people that they feel left out of societal decision making and invisible in the eyes of Australia's political leaders. As a result, it posits that the voting [...]

Social skills for children with autism spectrum disorder

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Children on the autism spectrum will not only take longer to develop social skills, but will also benefit greatly from assistance from parents in order to pick them up. This article from covers some of the best ways to help these children go on to have healthy and fulfilling social lives. Go to article: [...]

March 2019

The psychology of fear and hate, and what each of us can do to stop it

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As an immigrant to New Zealand, I am saddened and outraged by the events in Christchurch. The apparent innocence of New Zealand has been stripped away by acts of cowardice and evil. Police remain on high alert and authorities are still responding to events following the shootings at two mosques in Christchurch that took the [...]