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Stories make us: in conversation with Morris Gleitzman

In February, award-winning children’s author Morris Gleitzman was named the new Australian Children’s Laureate for 2018–19. As laureate, he will join his predecessors, Leigh Hobbs, Jackie French, Alison Lester and Boori Monty Pryor in promoting the importance of reading. Morris kindly shared his time with us to discuss the laureateship; why the need for stories [...]

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Expert Tips for Keeping Busy Kids Connected to Books

Our lives can easily fill up with, well … life. When everything on our to-do lists feels both urgent and important, pleasure reading can seem a luxury. For many children and teens, as their lives get busier with new obligations and increasing distractions, the idea of curling up with a book can appear to be [...]

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5 Ways to Inspire Kids to Read for Fun

These days it seems like children prefer to sit in front of screens rather than engage with old-fashioned print. Here are a few easy and effective ways you can encourage kids to pick up a book and read. Reading enriches our lives in so many ways, from its ability to reduce stress and help us relax to [...]

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