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The Cup – that’ll do me

Cup Day is a uniquely Australian celebration that seems increasingly about getting slaughtered on the drink. Lord knows I've got no qualms about boozing, yet its appeal is always diminished when the amateurs are out in force peeing and vomiting in the street - that's the women - while the blokes stalk around with a [...]

What Professions Drink the most Coffee?

It seems a caffeine injection is more important in some professions than others however, as a poll by Pressat has revealed. Journalists were found to be consuming the most coffee followed by police officers and teachers. Other stereotypically high stress careers feature in the top 10, including medical staff and company executives, while plumbers and [...]

‘Toxic teacher’ warning as debate rages on lifting uni entry marks

THE nation's elite universities warn that Australia is at risk of training a generation of ''toxic teachers'' who will pass their own deficiencies at school on to their students. The executive director of the Group of Eight research-focused universities, Michael Gallagher, said Australia was ''at risk of producing a cohort of ''toxic teachers''. ''The next [...]