Teenage Binge Drinking: Why Parents Should Delay the Age Kids Have Their First Drink

YOU’RE sitting around the barbie at home and you hand your 16-year-old son a beer. As a responsible parent, you think introducing moderate drinking practices early on is a sensible solution to under-age binge-drinking. You may not be breaking any laws in NSW — parents and legal guardians can supply their underage child with alcohol [...]

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AER urges Government to introduce alcohol health warning labels

Leading experts including the AER Foundation are urging the Federal Government to make new alcohol health warning labels mandatory to help reduce the harms caused by alcohol. They want to get the message out there that drinking any alcohol can harm unborn babies, damage young developing brains and increase the risk of cancer. The Australia and New [...]

What makes young women drink and spiral into violence?

The latest research has found that young women regularly have more than 20 standard drinks during a good night out. This means they often blow in excess of $300 in an evening. It seems that changes in social and moral behaviour are behind young women drinking more. This soar in alcohol consumption by “girls that [...]