Psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg has blamed sexualisation for the ‘sexual assault’ of two six-year-old girls by their classmates. In one case in the Queensland school, a group of first-grade students reportedly removed a girl’s underwear in the school toilets. The girls involved have since been removed from the school.

Dr Carr-Gregg, child psychologist and Generation Next speaker, believes the early sexualisation of the boys involved lead to the incident. “We do bombard them in virtually every form of media with sexuality in one way or the other,” he said. “Young people are very impressionable and this could perhaps be a case of monkey see, monkey do.”

He went on to describe where the children might have seen the sexualised material which influenced them to behave in such a way. “A lot of the video hits programs very early in the morning, which young people do see, some of that is highly sexualised and totally inappropriate for young people,” he said. “What we have to make sure is that young people know the difference between what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour.”

Dr Carr-Gregg commended the Queensland Education Department’s management of the incident, saying they did everything they could be reasonably expected to do.

Acting Queensland Premiere Paul Lucas also blamed the assault on the early exposure of children to sexualised material. “Children sometimes innocently… do things that are the result of observing things that they shouldn’t,” he said. “Parents need to be very careful about what little children are exposed to, and I’m not just talking about things that are illegal. Children are very impressionable.”


Writer Tristan Boyd, Editor Dr Ramesh Manocha.