It is estimated that 25% of school children suffer at the hands of some kind of bullying to the degree that it affects their mental health and wellbeing.

Friday 18 March marked Australia’s first annual community awareness campaign to address bullying. This national initiative puts the spotlight on bystander behaviour.

Bullying is not just a personal predicament. All members of the school community have a part to play in ending bullying and ensuring safe school environments. Schools recognise that bystanders play a particularly important role.

It was organised by all Australian education authorities through the Save and Supportive School Communities Project which is managed by the QLD Government on behalf of Australia’s Government, Catholic and Independent school communities.

For lots of practical information about how to tackle bullying both in schools and the community go to the Bullying No Way website.

So everyone can get involved with combating bullying in our society the website has resources on:

  1. School activities
  2. Classroom activities
  3. Parent’s activities
  4. Student’s activities

Writer Helen Splarn. Editor Dr Ramesh Manocha
Source: Bullying No Way