Everybody reacts to emotions differently. There are so many different ways that influence how one can experience emotions, and a new study suggests that DNA may be one of them. In a new study about human genetics, it was found that the “happiness gene” may affect how people experience happiness.

For the very first time, researchers have segregated the parts of the human genome that could explain the differences in how a person experience happiness. The study conducted by VU Amsterdam professors Meike Bartels (Genetics and Wellbeing) and Philipp Koellinger (Genoeconomics) found three genetic kind for happiness, two that may be responsible for the differences in symptoms of depression, and eleven areas on the human genome that could account for the different degrees of neuroticism.

“This study is both a milestone and a new beginning,” Bartels said in a press statement. “A milestone because we are now certain that there is a genetic aspect to happiness and a new beginning because the three variants that we know are involved account for only a small fraction of the differences between human beings. We expect that many variants will play a part,” they continued.

– Johnson Denise

Source: Breakthrough Study Found The “Happiness Genes”