Although it’s great to have a range of personality types and temperaments in a classroom, teachers and parents naturally worry if a child is always quiet. Here are some ways to help a shy child shine in the classroom. And many of these tips will work in other situations, as well.

1. Figure out what your shy students are interested in. You can ask them, use interest inventories, notice what they wear (sports jerseys? T-shirts with dinosaurs on the front?), have them write a book about themselves, bring in pictures from home, and so on. Use the information you learn as a starting point for conversation or educational activities.

2. Assign them to work with other children in the class who are more outgoing. This may help promote interaction and new friendships.

3. Capitalize on strengths. If a shy student excels in math, have him or her tutor another child who needs help in this area.

4. Arrange desks or seats in such a way that shy children are grouped with either some children they know or children who are good at including others.

– Barbara Markway Ph.D.

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Photo Source – Flickr