Kate Winslet has zero time for Instagram. In an interview with UK Vogue, the Oscar-winning actor offered her thoughts on ageing gracefully, and her beauty routine, (spoiler: she’s very low maintenance).

But the 42-year-old didn’t glaze over how young women have been negatively implicated by social media.

“Just today a close friend, a younger actress who is well-known, was saying to me that social media is the single most damaging place for a young woman to spend her time,” she said to Vogue.

“I am worrying more and more about the potentially negative impact that social media is having on the growing self-esteem of young people today. Everything they see these days is either something to be envious of, or an image of an experience that another person is having that is unattainable and exists in someone else’s so-called “perfect” or more exciting life.”

Beyond the beauty realm, Winslet is concerned that it’s difficult for young people “to believe in their own selves and to enjoy life,” without needing to “social share,” and subsequently have meaningful parts of their lives reduced to being “liked or disliked”. For the Lancome ambassador of 10 years, the element of privacy and sharing important conversations in real life has diminished.

“There is no space for freedom or personal growth through spontaneous life experience, and healthy discussion and real-life sharing amongst family and friends is being affected as a result,” she told the publication.

– Nicole Economos

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Photo source – Flickr.com