Kate Winslet: ‘Social Media Single Most Damaging Place For Young Women’

Kate Winslet has zero time for Instagram. In an interview with UK Vogue, the Oscar-winning actor offered her thoughts on ageing gracefully, and her beauty routine, (spoiler: she's very low maintenance). But the 42-year-old didn't glaze over how young women have been negatively implicated by social media. "Just today a close friend, a younger actress who is well-known, [...]

Winslet shakes her booty for a good cause

The infamous phrase “does my bum look big in this?”  will never be heard in the Winslet household. Why? Because actor Kate Winslet is determined to be a positive role model for her daughter Mia and every other girl out there who is approaching her teenage years. Image Source: Getty In 2003 Britain’s GQ magazine [...]