Undergraduate students must now pass an online course about sexual consent if they want to enrol at the prestigious University of Melbourne.

In the wake of a damning Australian Human Rights Commission report into sexual harassment and assault on campuses, Australian universities are rolling out training to teach students about respectful relationships.

As part of the enrolment process for the University of Melbourne, students have to complete ‘Consent Matters’, an animated online course and quiz that teaches students about boundaries, misconceptions about consent and how to intervene when witnessing sexual harassment or assault.

“This year, all new undergraduate students are expected to complete the 60- to 90-minute module at the final stages of accepting their course offer,” a university spokeswoman said.

In one scenario, students Louise and Alex are “getting friendly” in a bar while their classmates gossip about how they both have a reputation. As the night progresses, an intoxicated Louise struggles to stand. Students sitting the course are asked whether Louise can consent to sex with Alex.

The training moves away from the mantra of “no means no” to a definition of affirmative consent where “yes means yes”.

– Henrietta Cook

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Photo source – Flickr.com