A new partnership between two prominent foundations will look to support mental health in rural, regional and remote Australian communities.

CCI Giving and the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) announced they had entered into a five-year partnership last Wednesday.

The primary focus will be a FRRR-managed grants program, to support community-driven initiatives that reduce social isolation and increase social participation, while also helping people within rural, regional and remote communities to seek help when experiencing mental health concerns.

FRRR’s CEO, Natalie Egleton, said CCI Giving and FRRR shared a belief in the value and importance of Australia’s rural, regional and remote communities and were committed to strengthening the mental health and wellbeing of people residing in them.

“Despite the many positive aspects of living in rural Australia, there are distinct challenges associated with distance that place people living in these locations at greater risk of poor mental health,” Egleton said.

Roberto Scenna, CEO of Catholic Church Insurance (CCI) and director of CCI Giving, said the aim of this partnership was to help reduce the stigma often associated with mental health, especially in rural and remote communities.

“CCI Giving is committed to walking alongside communities for the longer term by supporting projects that remove barriers to people getting appropriate support,” Scenna said.

-Luke Michael

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Image by Fernando from Unsplash