Navigating life as a teenager can be hard, and when you need support, asking for it can be the biggest challenge.

One tool – an app called MeeTwo – offers a way to seek help from behind a screen.

It allows users to post questions anonymously and get answers from their peers and from undergraduate psychology students – expert advice, but from people not long out of school themselves. The responses are moderated by more experts behind the scene.

So what are the biggest issues teenagers need support with?

Co-founder of the social enterprise, Suzi Godson, says the problems can change depending on the time of year – like exam stress in June or family problems around Christmas.

Here, she talks us through the top five problems raised by 5,000 users in August.

“Family is a massive issue and not something that parents are often willing to look at,” says Suzi.

“There are a lot of questions about conflict at home – from children finding their mum in bed with someone else, to abuse.

“There are also unstable step-family structures and abuse from siblings.

“Then there is school-related stress from teenagers who are being pressured by their parents too.

“They say they are from a good middle class family but they are miserable and their parents don’t care about them.”

“Friendships, those peer relationships, are a much bigger influencer on a young person than their parents or teachers,” says Suzi.

– Jennifer Scott

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