A recent survey1 of 2000 working parents showed that mental health and wellbeing issues experienced by their children is a major cause of absenteeism. Stress, anxiety, depression, bullying and school issues are major factors for which these children need parental support.

Similarly, a study by The Australian Human Resources Institute (AHRI)2 showed that 76% of employee absenteeism were due to family/ carer’s responsibilities.

Below are more results from the Generation Next 2017 survey:

Absenteeism – 20% of employees have taken up to 8 or more working days off per year to deal with mental wellbeing concerns of one or more child whilst at work.
Presenteeism – 37% of parents are going to work BUT remaining preoccupied by issues and worries concerning their child whilst at work.
Worry and Stress – 36% of parents are currently concerned about the mental health and wellbeing of a young person in their family.
Parent Burnout – 75% of working parents have taken 4-12 days off per year because of difficulties with personal mental wellbeing.

For businesses that employ working parents, these issues can lead to huge losses in productivity. That’s why Generation Next is advocating our handbooks as the ideal Christmas gift from employers to working parents.

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Generation Next handbooks make the perfect gift for anyone who supports young people.

The handbooks are a fantastic reference work of the most common and serious issues effecting youth wellbeing. They will assist parents and those who support young people to more effectively recognise signs of these issues, as well as provide strategies for support and avenues for seeking professional assistance.

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