Annalise Braakensiek had a big and bubbly personality. She was sweet, loving and full of energy — that’s exactly how those close to the model remember her.

But the mother of the late model has claimed her daughter got caught up in the Bondi Beach culture and was obsessed with perfecting her Instagram in the months leading up to her unexpected death.

Braakensiek was the Aussie girl known for her beach-blonde looks and luminous figure — all the traits to attract international attention — and she did, leading a successful career not only here in Australia as an actor and model but abroad as a presenter and cover girl on reputable magazines.

However, behind the smiles and her great success was a woman who battled with depression for about 15 years. One of the toughest years was 2018, which Braakensiek described before her death as “turbulent”.

On Sunday, January 6, 2019, Braakensiek was found dead in her Sydney harbourside apartment by police at about 3.30pm. Officers treated the death as “non-suspicious”.

Before her death, she was focused on rebuilding her life, particularly after the breakdown of her marriage in April last year.

She’d promised her fans that once she settled into her new abode she would return to cooking and sharing her new jewellery designs and “being a general all around mega Vikingess”.

But according to Sunday Night, the mother of the blonde-haired beauty had became stuck in a lifestyle she couldn’t maintain — and her obsessive quest for perfection was taking a heavy mental toll.

“I never looked at her Facebook, I never looked at her Instagram because it upset me,” her mother told Sunday Night.

“Because it wasn’t true. On Instagram, she’d put a post like that, she’d ring me and say, ‘I’m so depressed, I can’t breathe’.”

knew her obsessive quest for perfection was taking a heavy mental toll

– Shireen Khalil,

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