10 minute activist- Decent Australia says enough is enough- Help Alan Jones and 2GB get the message!

What has in fact happened in the last week has been the rise of decent Australia saying enough is enough. And yes, sponsors like Gerry Harvey have publicly worried that by withdrawing from the Jones program they are taking part in a lynch mob, but they misunderstand. What you are actually doing, Mr Harvey, is [...]

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10 minute activist: say NO to alcohol companies targeting children

Major alcohol companies are consciously directing their advertising campaigns at young people. Coming up with campaign/product  names like Pom Pom, Electric Pink, Hot Pink, and Skinnygirl Cocktails; they are designed to attract young people. Is it time to tell these companies to back off and leave children alone? The recently formed Alcohol Advertising Review Board [...]

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10 minute activist: Cleo Magazine! Stop digitally altering images to change appearances- join the petition

Public pressure is building across the world for magazines to stop altering images of girls. In the US a teenager convinced Seventeen Magazine to publish one unaltered spread a month after thousands joined her petition. I think Cleo should do the same for their readers. via Petition | Cleo Magazine: Stop digitally altering images to [...]

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