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How the Gambling Industry Designs Poker Machines to ‘Hypnotise’ Punter’s Brains

Ka-Ching! Pokie Nation - a new explosive documentary to air on the ABC - exposes how the seemingly innocuous pokie machines at your local pub are programmed for addiction They're rigged, they are everywhere and are as addictive as crack cocaine - but that's exactly what poker machines have been designed to do, [...]

Bright Lights, Big Losses: How Poker Machines Create Addicts and Rob Them Blind

stokpic, Photo: Ed Gregory Australians lose A$20 billion on gambling every year, $11 billion of which goes on poker machines in pubs and clubs. Why, then, are pokies so attractive? And why do we spend so much on them? Ubiquity is one reason. The high intensity – the rapid speed of operation and [...]

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Addicted: Aussie porn addicts watch porn ‘five hours a day’

That's right; a huge number of us may spend up to 35 hours a week watching online sex videos. That's almost as many hours as most 9-5 workers put in. The addiction is having a crippling affect on personal lives and relationships, says Dr Phil Watts, who is a porn researcher and psychologist. He adds [...]