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Balinese Welcome Boycott by ‘Boganaires’

Those who party hard and ugly in Bali could be partying hard in Engadine or St Kilda, except the drinks are cheaper and the waiters are too gentle to tell you to rack off (an expression from my youth, sadly not used much today.) It's a kind of bullying, on an international scale, where those [...]

Turn back the bogans-Australians at their worst in Bali

How come we spend billions of taxpayer funds each year preventing what may well include some perfectly decent people from entering our country when, on an annual basis, we inflict hundreds of thousands of our most egregious citizens on a poor old place like Bali? Forget about "stop the boats'. It's time, please, to "turn [...]

Sex, drugs, cheap beer and ignorance – schoolies completely lose it in Bali

BALI has gone berserk with schoolies - with the teens' disregard for terrorism warnings just as crazy as their drunken partying. Thousands of overly excited schoolies making the pilgrimage abroad have touched down in Bali despite Australian Government warnings that there is a high chance they could become victims of a terrorist attack. While Queensland's [...]

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