The neuroscience of terrorism

The young man sitting in the waiting room of our neuroimaging facility wearing skinny jeans and trainers looked like a typical Spanish 20-year-old of Moroccan origin. Yassine* was bouncy, chatting up the research assistants, and generally in good spirits. He was like so many other Barcelona youths, except he openly expressed a desire to engage [...]

‘Social Media Creates Terrorists’ and Other Myths of Australian Jihadists Debunked

A desire to understand how Australians become radicalised has created some popular ideas about the creation of jihadists that are misleading or completely incorrect, a leading expert on terror networks has warned. At the heart of this misunderstanding is the idea that terrorists can be created in a vacuum, just by viewing Islamic State propaganda [...]

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Gun Violence Killed 428 Times More Americans than Terrorism Over the Past Decade

gettyimages And that's using a narrow definition of gun violence, which includes homicides but excludes suicides, accidents and other kinds of gun deaths. It also uses a wide definition of terrorism, including attacks in which doubt exists about a terrorist link and crimes by anti-abortion assailants. In the wake of the Umpqua Community College massacre on Thursday – the 294th mass shooting in the [...]

Sex, drugs, cheap beer and ignorance – schoolies completely lose it in Bali

BALI has gone berserk with schoolies - with the teens' disregard for terrorism warnings just as crazy as their drunken partying. Thousands of overly excited schoolies making the pilgrimage abroad have touched down in Bali despite Australian Government warnings that there is a high chance they could become victims of a terrorist attack. While Queensland's [...]

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