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Neglect in Childhood Leaves Marks on Brain

Children deprived of loving care have reduced white matter in crucial parts of the brain compared to those raised in a better environment. The observations are not surprising in light of the well-known behavioral effects of neglect, but what this study has done is identify and measure the areas of the brain most affected. The [...]

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Poor parenting—including overprotection—increases bullying risk

Children who are exposed to negative parenting – including abuse, neglect but also overprotection – are more likely to experience childhood bullying by their peers, according to a meta-analysis of 70 studies of more than 200,000 children. via Poor parenting—including overprotection—increases bullying risk.

Net Savvy: ACT for Kids

46,000 confirmed cases of child abuse in Australia in 2010. The ACT for Kids website was set up by the Australian charity Abused Child Trust and is based in Queensland. Their philosophy is that “Protecting children is everyone’s business.” Their aim is to treat and prevent child abuse. They want the whole community to join [...]