Selfish Behaviour Lowers Levels Of Happiness

Credit: Bill Kuffrey/public domain Cheating to get ahead is likely to reduce your level of happiness. That's according to a new study by University of California, Riverside sociology professor Jan E. Stets. The study, titled "Happiness and Identities," was published in the journal Social Science Research. In the study, Stets examined happiness in a morally challenging [...]

The War On Drugs Have Failed – Time To Stop Fighting And Start Thinking

When the world’s nations committed to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) last year, they probably weren’t thinking about drugs. But they should have been. Without effective drug control strategies, marginalisation, poverty and inequality will persist in societies. Evidence shows that prohibitionist approaches have not worked – from 1998 to 2008 the number of people using [...]

How Barack Obama Used Psychology to Gain $2M

Putting the signature box at the beginning of the form rather than the end resulted in a rash of honesty. iStock The US federal government found a clever way to make a little extra money last summer. Some vendors who provide federal agencies with goods and services as various as paper clips and [...]

Finding Psychological Insights through Social Media

Social media has opened up a new digital world for psychology research. Four researchers will be discussing new methods of language analysis, and how social media can be leveraged to study personality, mental and physical health, and cross-cultural differences. The speakers will be presenting their research during the symposium "Finding Psychological Signal in a Billion [...]