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Can AI Train Forensic Interviewers to Unlock Child Trauma?

Forensic interviews are intended to gather evidence from minors who may have information about a crime under investigation. But many children who have been traumatized—often by those in a position of (supposed) care and authority—are unable to express, or explain, what has happened to them. Even highly trained professionals are at times ill-equipped to decode [...]

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How Stan Grant Delivered Australia’s ‘Greatest Anti-racism Speech’ Off-the-cuff

Stan Grant delivers a speech on racism When journalist Stan Grant stepped onto the podium in a large Sydney hall on a cold October evening to address a crowd of about 100, he had only an idea of what he wanted to say. What emerged has gone viral online. Grant has been compared to [...]

The Science of Stuttering

The latest blockbuster film about King George VI, The King’s Speech, is a modern popular example of someone struggling with a stutter. As portrayed in the film it is a psychological derived problem that King George suffered from, not a physical condition. Interestingly for a film with no action, violence or nudity it has proven [...]

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